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Mecmesin Showcase OmniTest™ Materials Tester and VectorPro MT Software at Advanced Engineering 2019

Mecmesin, a British company specialising in force, materials and torque testing equipment, will demonstrate their OmniTest materials tester driven by their state-of-the-art VectorPro MT materials testing software at the Advanced Engineering Exhibition in October 2019.

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Automotive External Mirror Deformation Testing

In this case study, Mecmesin conducts thorough functionality and durability testing on mirror systems for Murakami Ampas, a major supplier of external and internal automotive mirror systems to global brands such as Toyota, Honda and […]

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Measuring PVC Pipe Valve Actuation Torque

In this Mecmesin case study, a PVC water pipe valve’s torque to turn was measured for production line QC checks. A custom, portable jig for different sized samples with a digital readout enabled quick inspections.

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Peel Strength and Elongation Testing of Water-Blocking Tape

In this case study, Mecmesin checks the quality of materials from their supplier by testing the tensile strength, elongation, tear and peel adhesion, according to ISO 9073-3.

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More Plastic Industry Leaders Join PlastikCity

In the past month, ten additional companies have become PlastikCity Partners, bringing a range of equipment and services to PlastikCity and its users.

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