Aylesbury Granulation Services Invest to Extend Range of Waste Processed

Buckinghamshire based rigid plastic recycling specialists, Aylesbury Granulation Services Ltd, have invested in a single shaft shredder and are actively looking for new sources of lump / purge from plastic manufacturers.

“We took the decision to buy the new machine in order to increase the range of options available to our current and future customers, and offer a reliable recycling route for their more dense materials, such as injection moulded lump.” Commercial Manager, Susan Staff said.

Having worked in the injection moulding industry herself, Susan knows only too well that a lot of good quality purgings are just thrown away, when in fact they have a value.

Aylesbury Granulation Services specialise in the granulation of quality segregated rigid polymers and this new investment extends the range of waste streams that they can now process. They offer a closed loop system which they run with a number of firms or they buy in quality segregated waste and sell the resultant regrinds.

Susan Staff continued:

“The machine was fully commissioned last week, and whilst it has been busy recently, going forward, we have plenty of spare capacity available and look forward to working with a range of new customers.”

Aylesbury Granulation Services are very passionate about the recycling of plastics and firmly believe that recycling is the only real route to go for plastics. The plastics industry has been under increased pressure in recent months – from environmentalists, consumers, retailers, and most recently national government.

“The more people understand about recycling – and indeed, what can actually be recycled – the better it is for everyone. Getting children involved is very important, but we are also trying to educate as many manufacturers and MRFs as we come into contact with, about the importance of segregating their rigid plastics and then recycling it. It is financially beneficial, as they receive a rebate rather than pay to landfill or burn; it is morally right; and, before we know it, it will be a legal requirement.”

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