Aylesbury Granulation Services Shortlisted for Plastics Recycling Business of the Year 2019

9th May saw the 2019 Awards for Excellence in Recycling and Waste Management at the Landmark in London. Local plastics recycling business, Aylesbury Granulation Services Ltd (AGS), was delighted to have been shortlisted as one of three finalists for the category of Plastics Recycling Business of the Year 2019.

The awards, hosted by Greg Wallace of Master Chef fame, saw a range of recycling and waste management specialists come together from across the UK to applaud best practice and recognise the good work done by the finalists.

The categories were judged by a panel of industry experts whom all bought a broad range of experience in the sector.

“The Awards bring together individuals from across the spectrum, with the ultimate aim of improving sustainability all round. Climate change and the environment are high on the political agenda. And, quite rightly, there is a growing awareness of the need for environmental improvement. We all know that recycling and sustainable waste management play an important part in environmental protection and sustainable use of resources.” Steve Eminton, Editor, Letrecycle.com (hosts).

The category award was won by Bywaters Limited who are a huge nationwide recycling business and who certainly deserves the accolade. However, praise was given to all finalists – “it truly is a fantastic achievement” to be shortlisted for the award.

The judges seemed pleased to read that AGS said “plastics is not just something that we “do”, it is something that we have a passion for.”

Aylesbury Granulation Services is a small independent plastic recycling firm who specialises in the granulation of segregated rigid plastics. They take in a range of end-of-life plastics, such as bins, buckets, crates, barrels, pipes, or other plastic waste, such as manufacturer waste. They process the plastic for reuse in future plastic manufacturing. They offer a toll granulation service, which can be closed loop for manufacturers. They buy in segregated rigid plastic waste, and they are also a local hub for end-of-life diesel tanks and uPVC.

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Aylesbury Granulation Services


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