ALBIS and Klein Mechaniek Improve E-Battery for Cars, Boats and Campers

ALBIS and Klein Mechaniek BV have worked closely together to optimise key properties of an e-battery used in high-quality cars, boats and campers. The objective was to reduce weight and size and to maximise service life and temperature tolerance.

After careful analysis Pocan® from LANXESS was used for the housing, Bayblend® from Covestro for the handle and ALTECH® from MOCOM (the newly formed compounding unit from ALBIS) for the cell holder. The e-battery is already used in products of well-known brands.

“The new battery recharges much faster and features not only a longer service life but also a significantly lower weight, incredibly small size and high-temperature tolerance,” says Oscar Klein, owner of Klein Mechaniek BV. “Together with the ALBIS team, we have managed to take the product to a new level in terms of key features and design.”

“This project is a good example of the way we work at ALBIS: together with our customer, we selected the optimum solution for the specific application from our comprehensive range of products,” says Martin Halverhout, who supervised the project at ALBIS. “Thanks to the good cooperation with Klein Mechaniek and the products of our long-term partners, the project is a complete success.”

Pocan®, a brand of polybutylene terephthalate (PBT) and PBT blends, is characterised by high heat resistance, strength and hardness as well as excellent sliding properties, high abrasion resistance, good chemical resistance, low susceptibility to stress cracking and low moisture absorption.

Bayblend® PC/ABS grades have outstandingly well-balanced properties, including high toughness – even at low temperatures – stiffness, dimensional stability, excellent creep resistance, low moisture absorption, good heat resistance and outstanding flame retardancy.

The ALTECH® range includes a wide variety of technical compounds with special thermal and mechanical characteristics, including impact resistance modification, UV stabilisation and individual colour matching.

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