ALBIS PLASTIC expands its ALFATERXL® portfolio

ALBIS is expanding its portfolio of thermoplastic vulcanizate elastomers by including polyamide adhesion modified ALFATERXL® 4PA0010 compounds available in shore hardness A55, A70 and A85.

ALFATERXL® is a blend consisting of a PP matrix with a finely dispersed, cross-linked EPDM phase and belongs to the group of thermoplastic vulcanizates (TPVs). The material is resistant to weather, ozone, UV, aqueous solutions, acids and alkaline media. ALFATERXL® can be used over a wide temperature range from -40 °C to +130 °C. Furthermore, the material can be easily coloured – even with bright colours.

The ALFATERXL® 4PA0010 series is designed for 2K moulding processes such as 2-shot overmoulding or insert moulding and provides excellent adhesion to PA6 and PA66. Beside non-reinforced PA6 and PA66, the ALFATERXL® 4PA0010 series also shows excellent bonding on glass fiber reinforced PA6 and PA66 as well as on impact modified PA6 and PA66. Peeling tests were conducted according to VDI 2019 in cooperation with the SKZ (Süddeutsches Kunststoffzentrum) Würzburg and typically result in a cohesive break for the soft ALFATERXL® 4PA0010 grades with Shore A55. In this case, the adhesion to polyamide proved to be stronger than the inherent strength of the ALFATERXL®. A further highlight is the good adhesion of ALFATERXL® 4PA0010 when using the critical insert moulding technology (cold inlays).

The new ALFATERXL® 4PA0010 series is perfectly suited for the manufacture of ‘hard-soft’ components in various sectors such as the automotive, the building and construction, the electronic or the mechanical engineering industries. In addition, the high flowability of the ALFATERXL® 4PA0010 series making it available for the production of thin-walled products having complex designs and/or long flow paths. Thanks to its high temperature resistance, the material is also suitable for use in under the hood applications such as 2K seals, 2K covers, and 2K cable ducts.

Example 2k application
Example 2K application: 2K cutters based on PA and ALFATERXL 4PA0010 from Mure & Peyrot.


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