ALBIS Signs New Licensing Agreement for Colouring of Purell® Products

ALBIS PLASTIC GmbH and LyondellBasell have signed a licensing agreement for colouring of Purell® materials.

The new agreement allows ALBIS to expand the product range for use in medical devices, laboratory and diagnostic areas as well as pharmaceutical packaging.

As a long-time distribution partner of LyondellBasell, ALBIS sells polyolefin and polypropylene compounds in Europe. With the agreement to globally offer Purell® polyolefin materials colored to customer requirements, the two companies set a further milestone in their successful and long lasting partnership.

The Purell® range of polyolefins (polypropylene as well as high density and low density polyethylene grades) is the perfect material to address the specific requirements of healthcare applications: strict commitment of a consistent formulation, change management procedures for unavoidable formulation changes, compliance with biocompatibility requirements, e.g. fulfilment of European as well as Unites States Pharmacopeia requirements.

“We are looking forward to LyondellBasell being our further licensing partner for the development and production of coloured healthcare materials, and to expanding our range of licensed coloring. The new agreement gives us the opportunity to better serve the continuing trend toward pre-coloured materials. For our customers this step means a reduction in complexity”, explains Mike Freudenstein, Director Marketing Healthcare at ALBIS PLASTIC.

Under the brand name Purell®, ALBIS develops customer-specific or tailor-made colours without changing the fundamental properties of the healthcare materials. “Components for medical products and pharmaceutical packaging that are made from our compounds not only impress with their functionality, but also their attractive appearance and safety-related properties. This includes, for example, the important colour distinctions of operating parts or connections on medical devices or infusion aids in hospitals”, says Freudenstein.

As well as many years of experience and close cooperation to leading color manufacturers, ALBIS also has modern machinery that is globally oriented to specific own internal standards.

Both small quantities and large volumes can be offered without the need to compromise or reduce quality.

Regular internal and external audits ensure a consistently high quality standard.

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