Ampacet Introduces OdorClear™

Ampacet, a global masterbatch leader, has extended the OdorClear™ range of innovative odour-absorbing masterbatches designed to optimise the use of post-consumer recycled material.

Post-consumer recycled plastics often exhibit a strong smell due to the presence of contaminants or residual contents, such as food, detergent, inks and adhesives, that degrade during the recycling process. Undesirable smells can limit the amount of recycled plastic that can be used in new plastic items, as they may affect consumer perceptions of product and brand quality.

Originally introduced as Odor Scavenger, the newly-expanded range of powerful wide-spectrum masterbatches minimises odours of post-consumer recycled materials and keeps them enclosed inside the polymer, which allows converters to boost packaging recycled content. OdorClear outperforms conventional inorganic odour scavenging solutions, enabling increased use of post-consumer resins to support the circular economy. OdorClear masterbatches are designed for use with a broad range of recycled polymers and can be specially formulated for injection and blow moulding, film and other extrusion processes.

Ampacet OdorClear also can be used in combination with other Ampacet R3 Sustainable Solutions products, including ThermProtect, BlueEdge and ReVive, to minimise issues such as thermal degradation, inconsistent colour, or product uniformity that may occur with the use of high quantities of recycled material.

For more information on Ampacet OdorClear masterbatches and other R3 Sustainable Solutions, their applications and complete regulatory status, visit or contact the team using the details below. Click here to read more news from Ampacet.

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