AMUT and Dolci Bielloni Merge

AMUT S.p.A. is proud to announce the merging by incorporation of the company AMUT Dolci Bielloni, after the acquisition of Dolci Bielloni company 100% capital shares, made in 2014.

The operation fulfills the integration process of the “Flexible Packaging Equipment Division” into the AMUT Group, increasing effective synergy and efficiency to serve customers all around the world.

For a number of decades, AMUT S.p.A. focused in capitalising several technologies in thermoplastic industry, to provide sustainable growth and solid finance status, holding market leadership.

Long term growth is the target of AMUT GROUP and thanks to this transaction AMUT GROUP is aiming to a budget turnover in 2018 of approx. 100.000.000 €.

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AMUT Group

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