BioCote® Taggant Technology: Unmasking Antimicrobial Additives

Antimicrobial additives have increased in prominence in recent years as awareness of hygiene and infection control procedures rises among consumers. However, it can be a challenge to determine whether claimed antimicrobial properties are indeed present in finished products. Read the latest publication from leading additives manufacturer BioCote® to learn how they provide an added layer of confidence for customers using taggant technology.

Where innovation meets consumer trust, antimicrobial additives meet BioCote® taggant technology. In the consumerism landscape, businesses seek solutions to meet customer standards and expectations, such as incorporating antimicrobial technology to enhance products. However, it can be challenging to determine whether claimed antimicrobial properties are indeed present and effective for consumers and businesses. BioCote® taggant technology offers a unique solution by making invisible antimicrobial technology visible, providing an additional layer of confidence and protection against counterfeiting.

Understanding BioCote® Taggant Technology

Taggant technology is the use of microscopic particles that emit light when exposed to specific wavelengths. Traditionally used in counter-fraud technologies, BioCote® has ingeniously adapted this concept to highlight the presence of antimicrobial additives in products. The micro-colour code particles act as a fingerprint for the antimicrobial technology, ensuring that clients can easily verify its integration. These taggants remain invisible to the naked eye, requiring detection through a specialized taggant detector. With BioCote® taggant technology, businesses can visibly demonstrate the presence of BioCote® antimicrobial technology, allowing customers to see it in action. It’s like shining a light on excellence, assuring consumers that our products truly deliver the promised antimicrobial efficacy.


Building Consumer Trust

Taggant technology helps businesses build consumer trust by offering visible assurance, protected product identity, and clear communication. With this technology, consumers can visually confirm that a product is protected from the effects of microbes, giving them peace of mind and trust in its performance. They also act as a powerful deterrent against counterfeiting and piracy, uniquely identifying genuine goods and safeguarding your brand’s credibility. By using taggants and taggant detectors, businesses can clearly communicate the contrast of their products versus others in the market. Embracing taggant technology is not only a step towards enhancing product integrity but also a step towards building strong consumer relationships and confidence.

Combating Counterfeiting with BioCote® Taggant Technology

Counterfeit products have become a growing problem across industries, both large and small, in a variety of sectors. To combat counterfeiting, it takes more than just creating covert markings, systems, or a single brand security function. A multi-layered strategy, involving the entire company and employing various tactics, is essential. In specific niche markets like designer handbags or jewellery, counterfeit goods pose a well-recognized concern. Unsurprisingly, products with in-built antimicrobial protection can fall prey to counterfeiting just as much.

BioCote® taggant technology confirms antimicrobial additives and can provide legal protection against product liability. can also provide legal protection in cases of product liability. Courts have seen the use of taggant technology as decisive evidence in such cases. Incorporating BioCote® taggant technology offers a great solution for businesses. It provides undeniable proof of antimicrobial integration, safeguarding products from counterfeiting. With visible assurance, improved credibility, and legal protection, taggants offer a comprehensive solution to compliment the advantages of antimicrobial technology. BioCote® empowers businesses to deliver trusted, hygienic products meeting today’s highest standards.

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