BPD Returns to Ridat for Best-in-Class Thermoforming Machinery

Ridat, the London-based manufacturer of thermoforming machinery, has recently redesigned its Midmatic Series of machines and delivered its Model 4030MM Midmatic Vacuum Forming Machine to Building Product Design (BPD).

BPD, part of Wienerberger AG group of companies, are global leaders in roofing ventilation and construction membranes, building ventilation and specialist building products.

Senior Management at BPD commented: “For over 30 years, we have relied on three excellent Ridat Midmatic thermoforming machines. Their quality and manufacturing flexibility have meant that they have consistently performed to a high standard, and we are delighted to add a new Ridat model to our existing range.”

Ridat’s Midmatic series is a well-known, entry-level model for most UK trade formers and there are over 400 machines currently in use across the industry. The Midmatic series includes many of the impressive features of Ridat’s automatic and continuous motion machines but provides a reliable, no-nonsense mid-range machine that suits the budget of many smaller businesses.

The model 4030MM is a reel-fed thermoformer with forming area of 40” x 30” (1000 mm x 750 mm). The operation is fully automatic and allows for uninterrupted production with minimum operator supervision. The material is indexed with a set of rollers powered by a stepper motor and a centre pull guillotine powered by pneumatic cylinder separates the sheet.

Ridat standard features also include being fitted with user-friendly microprocessor system that assists with fault faulting, complete with zone control for accurate zone temperature control.

Ridat also manufactures several models of fully automated inline form, trim and stack systems with both vacuum and pressure variants. All units have three pitch pre-heat stations with moving top and bottom plates for forming and trimming. Material index is via spiky chain driven by a servo motor to ensure indexing accuracy. The models and sizes available in the Ridat range are: 2416AFCS (600 mm x 400 mm), 2420AFCS (600 mm x 500 mm) and 3024AFCS (750 mm x 600 mm).

RIDAT is a leading UK manufacturer of thermoforming equipment with a comprehensive range of over 70 models and 60+ years’ manufacturing experience. Its impressive product range and high specification machinery are known for high specifications and performance available at affordable prices.

Visit the Ridat website for more information, or get in touch using the details below.

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