BPF Brings Together Leading Experts On Chemical Recycling

On 30th June the British Plastics Federation (BPF), in partnership with PlasticsEurope, will host an in-depth online seminar on Chemical Recycling.

The one and a half hour webinar will bring together eight leading experts from across Europe who will examine the current position of Chemical Recycling within the recycling infrastructure as well as taking a close look at what the future holds for the fast-developing technology.

The webinar sees presentations from James Bull, Head of Packaging at Tesco, who will talk about the role chemical recycling can play in the future for the UK’s leading supermarket; as well as experts from Chemical Recycling Europe who will address the current state of play of chemical recycling across Europe; PETcore Europe, on PET trends in chemical recycling and BASF, on the contribution of chemical recycling to targets. The webinar will also feature updates from some of the leading companies in chemical recycling including Plastic Energy, Recycling Technologies and ReNew ELP.

Director-General of the BPF, Philip Law, said: “The BPF is delighted to host this forthcoming webinar on Chemical Recycling with PlasticsEurope. There is a great need to recycle more to advance towards the objective of a circular economy. Alongside Mechanical Recycling, Chemical recycling will be an essential tool in creating value out of waste fractions which have so far proven difficult to recycle.”

Tickets cost £49 +VAT for BPF members and £99 +VAT for non-members.

Professor John McGeehan from Portsmouth University will share the latest developments in enzyme recycling, including the recently discovered enzyme that ‘eats’ plastic. Professor McGeehan will share the full details of this breakthrough and explain what it means for the bio-chemical recycling industry.

For more information, please visit https://www.bpf.co.uk/chemicalrecycling or contact the BPF’s Paul Baxter on pbaxter@bpf.co.uk or 020 7457 5047.

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