BPF Releases Video Conveying the Multiple Lives of Plastics

The British Plastics Federation (BPF) has released an innovative new film intended to communicate the recyclability of plastics to a broad and non-technical audience.

Using playful humour to convey its message, the one-minute film reminds viewers that plastics – like people – can have multiple lives. It encourages people to view their used plastic packaging, for example, as a reusable resource rather than a disposable product.

Director of the BPF Plastics and Flexible Packaging Group Barry Turner states:

“Society should not be indulging the notion of so-called ‘single use’ plastic when it can be recycled numerous times into a vast range of new products. The UK plastic packaging recycling rate has now reached 45% — an improvement of 15% on the previous year, and the overall rate for recycling plastic beverage bottles has reached 74%.

“To further improve this, work needs to be done to encourage the implementation of more recycling bins in public places, as indicated by a recent YouGov survey we commissioned. This video will also hopefully play a part — by reminding people that they have the power to give their plastic packaging multiple lives by recycling, as any responsible person should.”

To view the video visit: youtu.be/r2VQOVIX7M8

To learn more about recycling and plastic visit www.polymerzone.co.uk

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