Campetella Robotic Center: A New Concept of Automation

From 19 to 26 October, Campetella Robotic Center will welcome you to their K 2022 Booth 12 C-13, Hall 12, to guide you through their most advanced automation and the result of a sustainable innovation based on customers’ real needs.

Founded in 1897, Campetella proudly traces its success back to the passion that has always guided them and which, nurtured over time throughout five generations, now distinguishes the company worldwide.

“An international company with a family character.” This is how they describe themselves. Sure enough, their team is their true asset. A staff both heterogeneous and cohesive in sharing a corporate culture that has always been oriented towards a constant search for technological innovation. Capable of satisfying the most complex and demanding production needs, from palletising to in-mould labelling.

Campetella offers a wide range of high-performance, top-entry, and side-entry robots. Its robots stand for their extreme precision, speed, and reliability. These are key features in the food packaging world, a crucial industry to Campetella. At K 2022, they will exhibit the most innovative integration of IML technology and stack-moulding automation for this application field.

Sustainability is at the base of the Campetella corporate culture. How do they achieve it? A significant reduction in energy consumption is certainly a winning strategy.

The dynamic vacuum management system designed by Campetella aims to reduce the compressed air consumption by up to 60% compared to traditional gripping systems. The compressed air required to generate the vacuum is switched on and off dynamically and automatically. The vacuum is generated only when the product is picked up before switching off until a minimum threshold is reached.

KERS Technology is also applied by Campetella to achieve power saving. The particular architecture of the mutually connected drives allows for the recovery of the braking axles’ kinetic energy, which is, therefore, available for the axles in motion.

Stack-moulding automation systems offer unquestionable advantages in high-productivity sectors as they optimise the company’s costs while respecting the environment. The press tonnage is almost halved compared to traditional systems. This helps to considerably lower energy consumption and the relative CO2 emissions into the atmosphere, reducing their impact on global warming. The green economy is now a challenge we need to face, and in order to do it, we need to provide ourselves with highly efficient and sustainable production systems.

The new stack mould Side-Entry robot Modula W X-Series is designed to ensure maximum productivity and precision in stack-moulding applications.

More productivity in less space. This is the most significant benefit brought by the synchronised production of containers and lids, possibly thanks to the new Campetella automation systems.

Modula W X-Series

At the Campetella and Demag’s booths, visitors can check out the new Modula W X-Series, the core of a fully automated system managing the IML production of margarine tubs. Born to fit IMMs up to 4.500 kN clamping force, this high-speed side-entry robot boasts a peculiar and innovative “W” structure that allows it to operate on a 2-level stack mould designed to double productivity. The Campetella product development team has been focusing on the shared ever-growing need to increase the production systems’ efficiency in the food-packaging industry.

Minimising footprint on the ground while maximising productivity. This is what Campetella was able to achieve by creating this new Modula. Its central transversal axis, located on the upper side of the robot, makes it possible for the discharge conveyor belt to be placed at the bottom, thus ensuring significant space optimisation.

Once extracted from a 4 + 4 cavity mould, the tubs are picked by a SPIN and stacked with the opening facing downwards to ensure maximum hygiene. The robot is equipped with vertical feeders for 5-sided labels, featured by efficient servomotors, and designed to exploit the space in the vertical direction. Its carbon fiber arms reduce vibrations, thus ensuring excellent label positioning, while an integrated vision inspection system safeguards the perfect quality of the stacked tubs.

SPIN x2 Series

At the Krauss-Maffei booth, Campetella will show off its SPIN, in charge of assembling and palletising foldable fruit and vegetable plastic crates. Powerful and sturdy, this SCARA (Selective Compliance Assembly Robot Arm) is an industrial robot famous for replicating human arm motion. Equipped with three rotary axes (shoulder, elbow, wrist) and a linear axis for vertical movements, its high dexterity makes it ideal for fast palletising and pick & place operations.

Its strength lies in the peculiar architecture of the vertical axis. The Z-axis movement is possible thanks to the sliding of the entire arm along the robust supporting column of the robot, which allows a sheer stroke of over 3 meters with a payload of up to 50 kg. This feature makes it a valid and – in many ways superior – alternative to industrial robots as far as palletising operations are concerned, especially in terms of footprint and easy programming.

GS2 X-Series

Last but not least, Toyo will host the Campetella best-seller GS2 X-Series, renowned worldwide for its quick and sharp movements. An uncompromising model for ultra-fast take-out applications, specifically designed for the food-packaging industry. Ultra-performing servo-motors combined with innovative construction technologies and materials typical of the aerospace industry, such as carbon fibre and light alloys, ensure record-breaking acceleration and speed for operating cycle times up to 2.5 seconds. Designed to fit medium-sized tonnage IMMs, it boasts highly optimised structures gained through the most advanced Finite Element Method (FEM) techniques, resulting in low vibrations for the highest reliability.

The GS2 X-Series is also available in the new GS2W and GS3W models, recently launched by Campetella to perform stack-moulding applications. Entirely made of carbon fiber, from the double vertical axis to the two-profile extraction beam, besides being extremely elegant, they stand out for their side-entry performance in a top-entry size in terms of both costs and footprint on the ground.

Campetella robotics & automation

The EVO control unit was expressly designed by Campetella to manage all robots with a unique standard system that simplifies the operators’ training, as they only need to learn one programming language. Furthermore, the shared robotic platform among all Campetella products optimizes the management of components and spare parts while enabling efficient customer service.

The Campetella products have always stood out for their elegance and lightweight design. This ranges from carbon fibre to additive manufacturing of hundreds of components created overnight in a much cleaner and faster process than traditional CNC production. When 3D printed in PA12 (Polyamide 12), such parts are much lighter than metal equivalents, thus enabling robots to work faster and vibration-free. Wherever possible, Campetella is replacing pneumatic actuators in favour of servo-electric drives by Kollmorgen, the worldwide leader for the production of servomotors. By doing so, Campetella aims to reduce CO2 emissions while increasing reliability and efficiency.

The company also has long historical experience in coiling machinery for 25-50 mm diameter extruded irrigation pipes and water hoses, a field that has recently shown explosive growth in all industrialised countries worldwide. Although coilers belong to the extrusion world, the downstream automation and the related know-how are the same, making it easier to create modular systems for several industries.

With a wide range of All-In-One robotic solutions designed to meet the most demanding production needs and a global partner network currently widespread across 32 countries and ever-expanding, Campetella provides its customers with a complete package of services, from design to after-sales assistance, guiding them through each step of their automation process with passion and expertise.


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