Cetinka Packaging Doo Purchases Specialist RIDAT Machine

Ridat, the London-based manufacturer of thermoforming machinery, has recently delivered its Model 2420AFCS Form, Cut and Stack Machine to Cetinka Packaging Doo.

Cetinka Packaging Doo successfully operates from its headquarters in Jasenovo across Serbia and its neighbouring countries and specialises in trading hard PVC and PET film.

Milan Kosanović, Director of Cetinka Packaging Doo, commented: “We needed to increase our production capacity and were delighted to find a 3-stage thermoformer made by Ridat, which is well-known to have best-in-class technological features at competitive prices. We were particularly pleased that the Ridat machine includes, as standard, most of the features associated with equipment from much more expensive West European manufacturers. It will greatly assist the company in broadening its activities”.

Ridat model 2420AFCS is a reel fed thermoformer with three pitch pre-heat, a relatively large forming area of 24” x 20” (600 mm x 500  mm) and a powerful trim press (60 mt) with both moving platens. Ridat standard features also include being fitted with user-friendly microprocessor system that assists with fault faulting, top and bottom heating with PID control for accurate zone temperature control, as well as facilities for easy X – Y adjustment of the trimming tool.

Ridat has an even larger model 3024AFCS with a maximum forming area of 750 mm x 600 mm (30” x 24”) with a 60 mt servo driven press. Pressure forming versions of both models are also available. Ridat also additioned recently introduced a 2-stage model of all the AFCS series and provide a sampling option with newer materials like GPET without interrupting production.

As a leading UK manufacturer of thermoforming equipment, Ridat offer over 65 models and 60+ years’ manufacturing experience. Its impressive product range and high specification machinery offers many features included as standard. Ridat’s comprehensive range of thermoforming machines is known for high specifications and performance available at affordable prices.


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