Ultrapolymers – Combining Innovation and Risk Management

In today’s fast-moving technology environment, it might seem counterintuitive to object to innovation. For medical device manufacturers though, innovation equals risk, risk equals cost and cost is key.

This is especially true when it comes to raw material selection. Materials that have been successfully adopted in the past have typically maintained their leading position throughout the years even if there are new solutions available now which would afford a superior final component.

Ultrapolymers’ role is to support our partners from design through to manufacturing. We can guide you in combining your new developments with polymer technology innovations,

supporting you in making confident and informed material choices that will aid product designers and manufacturers to maintain their profile as a trusted industry player.

As an established Pan-European polymer distributor, Ultrapolymers ensures its customers security of supply and access to a wide variety of innovative polymer solutions. All of this is backed-up by a wealth of application technology knowhow and materials experience tailored to the healthcare industry.

Our philosophy is to work in partnership with designers, converters and OEMs to tackle industry challenges in an efficient and intelligent way – combining our extensive expertise in a wide range of high-tech markets in other sectors such as healthcare.

An example is the growth of home-based care which is rapidly increasing as population growth limits hospital-based care. This necessitates the development and implementation of easy-to-use, cost-efficient, disposable devices.

Ultrapolymers is experienced in the development of multicomponent products and inter-material replacement where mechanical performance is paramount. Closely allied to this is the key element of cost optimisation, coupled with risk management, essential when transferring technology previously used by professionals to private users in their own home. We have recently launched a selection of high purity polymers for medical devices, laboratory and diagnostic equipment as well as pharmaceutical packaging that do exactly that.

A further example is the fact that patients’ safety and well-being can never be compromised and any material elements linked to adverse effects will ultimately translate to an unwanted and costly risk for the device manufacturer. While regulations are becoming stricter, Ultrapolymers’ healthcare solutions aim to install confidence during material selection by offering certification to the current regulatory standards, including USP Class VI, US, European and Japanese Pharmacopeia, and ISO 10993.

Furthermore, Ultrapolymers offers technical design, Moldflow® analysis and interpretation as well as other simulation services to our partners with the objective to facilitate the link between design optimisation and manufacturing feasibility; thereby bringing an additional element of de-risking to your supply.

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