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As demographics change, recycling targets increase and local councils seek to improve sorting, Coral Products (Mouldings) Ltd’s new Multi-Box Recycling System (MBRS), launched this summer, provides a solution.

Coral’s multi-box recycling system is made from recycled material and has the circular economy at the forefront of its design philosophy. Launched on 19th July with St Helens Council, the sorting of recyclable materials and food waste in the MBRS will support deposit return schemes, and provide the perfect platform for councils to push towards the increased recycling targets that local authorities will be required to meet, of 55 per cent by 2025, and 60 per cent by 2030.

Councillor Lynn Clarke, St Helens Council’s Cabinet Member for Environmental Services, said: “Getting recycling right is really important to us, our residents and the environment. Over the course of a review of our recycling and waste services, we listened to feedback from residents, and the concerns raised through our thorough scrutiny process.

Separated recycling remains the best way to recycle as the council doesn’t then have to pay for it to be separated and it is easier to be reused in the UK, meaning we are all doing our bit to look after the environment. However, it’s clear that we can provide a better solution for our residents, which we believe we’ve found with these innovative containers.

What makes the MBRS an ideal sorting solution?

The MBRS’ innovative design means the aesthetically pleasing unit takes up minimal space in the household or office and can be kept both inside and outside, with its linear design allowing rain to roll off the boxes easily and keeping recyclables dry, meaning it is fit to face all elements.

Coral MBRSIt is easily interchangeable, and the interlocking parts made from injection moulded plastic enable ongoing maintenance and the ability to change one part rather than the entire unit, reducing the system’s environmental footprint. This interchangeability provides flexibility for householders and businesses depending on their council’s sorting requirements, with the internal boxes for each part being interchangeable for size and dimension. Each materials box is easily identifiable for ease of sorting and is designed to meet standards set by the Waste and Resources Action Programme (WRAP).

Manufactured with the consumer in mind, the wheel and handle on the MBRS are designed to enhance ease of movement and have been tested to the latest health and safety standards, with a curved design with no sharp edges putting a premium on safety and ease of use. Recycling collection teams have also been included in the design and testing process for the MBRS to ensure the product does not strain or risk the health of collection crews.

Mick Wood, CEO of Coral Products PLC, said: “After many months in design and development we are now delighted to be able to offer the solution to easily collect and segregate household recyclable products. There is simply nothing in the market that has the ability to change the way segregation takes place at a consumer level, and we are delighted that St Helens council has partnered with us to bring it to market.

Furthermore, the footprint and weighted base of the MBRS means that it is less likely to blow over in the wind compared to wheelie bins, reducing the need for street cleaning teams to deal with litter after windy days and temperamental weather conditions.

A plastics company with a conscience

Coral Products (Mouldings) Ltd is a market leader in supporting circular economy strategies and is known for its quality recycling products and competitive pricing. The business continues to grow, and the MBRS is but the latest demonstration of Coral’s commitment to developing new advanced designs and placing the consumer at the forefront.


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