CyTec New Sales Partner in the UK & Ireland for i-mold

CyTec Systems has grown into one of the leading suppliers of hydraulic cylinders to the mould and die industry in the UK and Ireland, with their range of products, including the CyTec range of locking cylinders and the AHP Merkle range of standard hydraulic cylinders.

Additionally, in 2016 CyTec introduced the Ermanno Balzi product range of mould tool components, and in 2021 they teamed up with Servomold GmbH to supply servo-electric drives for rotational and linear movements in injection mould tools.

This year the team are looking forward to working with the team at i-mold, which has been successfully active in the plastics industry since 2004 as UK & Ireland sales partner for their tunnel gate products. The tunnel gate inserts developed and produced in-house are renowned around the world as innovative products with high savings potential in the areas of mould making and injection moulding. Customers will benefit from time and cost reduction thanks to the fast and easy applications and quick deliveries.

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