CyTec Systems Showcases Recent Additions to Product Range

CyTec Systems began trading in the UK and Ireland in 1997, and has grown into one of the leading suppliers of hydraulic cylinders to the mould and die industry. Its range of products now covers both the CyTec range and the AHP Merkle range of standard hydraulic cylinders.

In 2016, CyTec Systems UK was appointed as agent for Ermanno Balzi’s range of products.

A new development from CyTec is their pneumatic locking cylinders. These have been designed for mould tool use and are especially useful for medical or food packaging moulds.

New pneumatic locking cylinder

In January 2020, AHP Merkle opened its new production hall. AHP Merkle has added to its range of block cylinders and standard cylinders with a full range of tie rod cylinders.

AHP Merkle

Often, in mould tool manufacture space is at a premium, so AHP Merkle produces many designs of cylinders that can be incorporated into mould design. Full CAD data is available.

A further new development is the e-ahp electro-hydraulic linear drives; hydraulic cylinders with a built-in, sealed power pack that offer high force up to several hundred tons and accuracies in the micron range. They can be used for special purpose machines, secondary operations and punching applications.

Image 4

Ermanno Balzi offers a complete system for plugging and maintaining cooling circuits on mould tools. Their rapid plug and unplug system is easy to fit and, by a special tool, enables quick and easy machining of bolsters for fitting sealing plugs, thus removing the need to cut threads. A full range of baffles, bubbles, spirals and internal/external plugs are available. Stainless steel is used, as it offers the best corrosion resistance.

Ermanno Balzi also produces descaling and cooling stations.

Image 3

The proper venting of mould tools can be problematic. As such, Ermanno Balzi has developed valves that can be mounted into the cavity to exhaust gasses. They also supply EcoVent units to be fitted into the runners.

If you would like further information on any of these products, please contact CyTec Systems on 0161 678 7090.

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