Distrupol Acquires Celanese Distribution Rights Across Europe

Distrupol, a leading distributor of thermoplastics and elastomers to the polymer processing industry and an affiliate of GPD Companies, Inc. (“GPD”), has announced that it has been awarded distribution rights for the Zytel®, Hytrel® and Bexloy® brands from Celanese across the entire Europe, Middle East and Africa regions.

From 1st January 2024, Distrupol will be distributing the aforementioned polymer brands from Celanese from newly established facilities in Germany, France, Spain and Italy, with newly recruited sales representatives in the regions.

“The Distrupol business has long worked with the Zytel®, Hytrel® and Bexloy® brands and we are well equipped with knowledge and expertise in the field to deliver these materials to customers EMEA-wide,” commented James Stanton, Commercial & Operations Director, Distrupol.

“We’re thrilled to have even further strengthened our relationship with key supply partner, Celanese, by being given the opportunity to represent them across the region.”

Celanese acquired the Mobility & Materials portfolio from DuPont™ in November 2022, and have since been realigning sales and development strategies in order to become better positioned to elevate the growth trajectory of Engineered Materials and to create value for customers and shareholders. Awarding Distrupol with additional geographies of distribution is a key part of this growth trajectory.

This is another considerable expansion for Distrupol, who celebrated its 60th anniversary earlier this year. In 2022, the business acquired Baritec AB and Lautrup Chemicals in the Nordic region, to expand and strengthen its products and services there. Just earlier this year, Distrupol USA was established, taking Distrupol’s polymer distribution expertise ambition across the Atlantic.

“Distrupol is a business with tremendous ambition and drive, which has been evident throughout its 60 years of operation,” said Paul Tayler, Chief Executive Officer of GPD.

“They continue to establish themselves as a global leader in the field of polymer distribution, impressing global producers and satisfying the demands of customers and the ever-changing landscape of the polymer industry.”

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