Europlaz Aids the COVID-19 Response

Endeavouring to play its part in the ongoing fight against COVID-19, Europlaz has recently signed a contract to exclusively manufacture a COVID-19 antibody test kit.

The introduction of antibody test kits will be revolutionary for ongoing COVID-19 testing and immunity research. While the existing COVID-19 swab test currently being used by the Government and health services can detect whether a person has the virus at that moment, it cannot tell whether a person has had the virus previously and since recovered. These swab tests also take some time to generate a result.

Antibody tests, on the other hand, can provide near-immediate results about whether or not a person potentially has or has ever had COVID-19. As well as being very useful for key health workers in ensuring a safe return or continuation of their work, knowing generally who is or is not at risk of catching or spreading the virus will provide us with a much greater understanding of COVID-19 immunity. It will also assist with vaccine research and potentially the easing of some lockdown restrictions in the future.

Europlaz was selected to manufacture these test kits for several key reasons, including its fast response to the initial approach, its expertise in medical device manufacturing, its competitive price and demonstrable track record of engineering highly technical devices. The company also had clear capacity to manufacture the kits within their facilities, having just commissioned two new Class 7 Clean Rooms – the industry standard for manufacturing medical devices.

Thanks to its state-of-the-art resources, Europlaz will be able to physically put the components of test kits together in approximately 20-30 seconds during the manufacturing process. Though initially Europlaz will aim to manufacture 10,000 test kits a week, this number will eventually increase to around 25,000.

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