Five Reasons to Plan Your Trip to Fontijne Presses

For more than 100 years, Fontijne Presses have been used in the polymer processing, rubber, composites laminating and wood industries, as well as being extensively used in universities and research centres.

Fontijne Presses have critical acclaim and numerous accolades, but if you are considering a new press, there is no substitution for visiting the factory in person to see the machines and meet the team.

1. Refine your Specifications

Before you head out to the Fontijne factory, we will have already discussed your requirements and will have a good idea of what you will need for your project. However, visiting the factory to meet the experts, see the different press models, and try your material will help refine your specifications.

2. Trial your material

When you visit the Fontijne factory, an expert technician will work with you to test your material in laboratory conditions and across multiple press models to see which specifications are right for your product. You leave the factory knowing exactly what you need.

3. Meet the Experts

Zoom meetings are great but limiting – a visit to Fontijne Presses allows you to meet the team behind the presses, giving you an insight into the dedication, care and innovation behind Fontijne products. Whilst there, you will have the opportunity to meet the directors, technicians and designers and will be accompanied by a member of the Intelicare team who takes care of commissioning and servicing on behalf of Fontijne in the UK and Ireland.

4. Check Practicality and Usability

Whilst the specifications of the press are of utmost importance, it is also very important to ensure the equipment will fit within your setting. Visiting the Fontijne factory to see the presses in person allows you to better judge which press is right for your needs and to check out their footprint and usability.

5. Easy Logistics

Currently located in Delft, the Netherlands, the Fontijne factory is moving to larger premises in Rotterdam in March 2023. Both locations are easily visited from most UK airports and ports – customers have found they are able to comfortably visit from the UK for a day trip.

If you are interested in visiting the Fontijne Presses factory and would like assistance planning travel arrangements, the Intelicare team are very happy to help.

Fontijne Presses has been represented in the UK and Ireland since 2007 by Intelicare. UK customers, please visit the Intelicare website or email for more information.

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