FMV GmbH, ALBIS and BASF Optimise Dental Equipment for Tooth Cleaning

FMV GmbH, ALBIS and BASF have joined forces to produce a central component of the dental product “Proxeo Ultra PB-530” from W&H Dentalwerk Bürmoos.

After an in-depth analysis, a specific Ultramid® Vision brand product was selected for the illuminated scale, which allows adjustment of the individually required intensity for treatment. The device is used for the professional cleaning of teeth using ultrasound, so it must be able to withstand the regular use of disinfectants in daily use, enable easy, safe operation and also meet the aesthetic requirements of modern medical practices.

Dr. Gilbert Knapp, Head of the Plastic Competence Center at FMV GmbH, said:

The Proxeo Ultra PB-530 from W&H Dentalwerk has already proven itself in daily use by numerous dental specialists and is highly regarded in the market.

We were aware of our responsibility and it was, therefore, all the more important to us that we were able to count on the experience and technical support of our contact persons at ALBIS to select the best possible material for the application. Compared to conventional materials, Ultramid® Vision B3K DLT UN showed significantly better resistance to the disinfectants generally used.”

Marko Wehner, Business Development Manager Performance Polymers at ALBIS, added:

We have maintained a trusting partnership with FMV GmbH for several years. Thanks to close cooperation and in-depth analysis in cooperation with our technical support colleagues, we were able to provide the perfect solution for the specific application from our portfolio of more than 30,000 products.”

The semi-crystalline polyamide Ultramid® Vision has very high light transmission compared to standard opaque polyamides up to a wall thickness of 3mm and is also available in a diffuse version for homogeneous light diffusion. It is also characterised by high UV and temperature resistance, scratch resistance and chemical resistance.

Dr. Rainer Xalter, Product Developer in the area of Performance Materials at BASF, commented:

This makes it a perfect building block wherever visual control and light design play an important role. We are pleased that our material can contribute to the high quality of FMV GmbH products.”

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