Frigosystem Updates HC Units to Meet Individual Demands

The HC units from Frigosystem have become a popular product for various customers from plastics processing to food, medical and composite processes. Now the temperature control experts have made some smart additions to give manufacturers even greater control.

Founded in 1970, Frigosystem focuses on designing, manufacturing, and selling industrial chillers and temperature controllers. The wide range of the products satisfies the specific demands of small and big industries: Frigosystem can structure their offer with tailor-made plants and proposals, always oriented to efficiency and energy saving.

Phil Jones, Technical Director at Frigosystem representatives, Intelicare Ltd, says of the recent additions:

Since the introduction of the HC (Hot and Cold) unit, the design has been refined, and now HC units are more easily tailored to individual requirements. Rather than selecting from several standard models, customers can request chiller capacity, pumps, and heating power to meet individual demands. This is a great benefit as more manufacturers seek greater control of their production line. The components have also been revised to be more eco-friendly and offer improved energy savings.

The HC unit is a compact and portable system that provides either one or two user circuits with water that can be hot (up to 90°C), cold (+5°C), or anywhere in between, at each of these user outlets. HC units are fitted with an internal chiller that can be air or water-cooled, and this chiller maintains a reservoir of chilled water that can be used by either of the user outlets. They are also equipped with a pump and heater. A centralised controller is used to set the chiller reservoir temperature and each of the user circuits independently within the range of +5°C to +90°C. Internally a 3-way valve is used with each user outlet, and this provides temperature stability by controlling the amount of chilled water that is allowed into each user outlet from 0-100%.

The use of an HC unit is vast and varied throughout plastics manufacturing. Typical applications allow mould halves to be controlled at two different temperatures or supply two temperatures to two moulds. They are used in packaging lines to allow various temperatures on rollers, haul-offs, or heat exchangers. And they can be used on mixing vessels for chemicals to provide a profiled temperature process, allowing initial heating and eventual cooling of the product.

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