GOM Present the ATOS Q Compact 3D Scanner

GOM’s new ATOS Q is a powerful 3D scanner for complex inspection tasks. The light and flexible system is equipped with interchangeable lenses suitable for small to medium-sized parts and comes with the latest GOM software.

GOM is excited to announce the newest member of the ATOS collection- ATOS Q on the 24th June 2020 via an online webinar where it will be explaining the complexity, reliability and versatility of this portable, lightweight, game-changing piece of hardware.

The ATOS Q incorporates proven ATOS technology features such as the Triple Scan Principle, the Blue Light Equaliser and precise calibration as a self-monitoring system with active temperature management. Its high performance makes the compact new scanner a top performer: the fringe projection required for precise measurements is performed at high speed and the integrated fibre optic cables enable rapid data transmission and high data throughput. Like all the other ATOS 3D scanners, the compact system meets high metrological requirements and is provided with the latest inspection software GOM Inspect Suite.

With dimensions of 340 mm x 240 mm x 83 mm and a weight of less than 4 kg, the ATOS Q is small, mobile and flexible in use. With five different, interchangeable lenses, the ATOS Q achieves measuring areas from 100 x 70 mm2 to 500 x 370 mm2.

It covers a wide range of components in various industries, from small injection-moulded parts, moulds and tools to complex additive manufactured components. It digitises the entire surface of small to medium-sized measuring objects in 3D.

During the live launch, GOM will show scans using the new ATOS Q and scan data in the new GOM Inspect Suite so you can see first hand how this new hardware performs with various components and materials. GOM will also discuss the many capabilities of the scanner as well as detailing possible uses within specific industries.

Webinar Details

24th June at 11:00am GMT – 45 minutes approx.
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02476 639920

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