Hardie Polymers Pick Up Another New Award!

Congratulations to Hardie Polymers upon winning the ‘Polymer Distributor of the Year Award’ at Corporate LiveWire’s Innovation & Excellence Awards 2019.

The Corporate LiveWire Innovation & Excellence Awards celebrate the success and achievements of companies and individuals that have taken an innovative approach to demonstrate exceptional business performance.

Hardie Polymers Ltd is a family owned, business-to-business polymer supplier with a flexible and proactive approach. They are the UK’s leading independent thermoplastics distributor, offering a complete range of engineering polymers, high-performance polymers and filled polypropylene compounds to the injection moulding sector.

Customers use the materials they supply to mould technical components for leading automotive companies including Jaguar Land Rover and Nissan, as well as other key manufacturing sectors
such as defence, medical and electronics.

For years, the major distributors had dictated the market for engineering polymers by being the sole seller of their respective products, but Hardies now offer the UK injection moulding sector a
real alternative. As an independent polymer distributor, competing against major pan-European players, this Glasgow-based company has made a significant change to the UK market, offering a flexible and focused service.

Shunning the large corporate style, Hardies instead tailor their offer to fit the customers’ needs. They have spent over 10 years building a unique supply base, spanning Europe with over 350 polymer distributors, allowing them to source products from all the key global producers, in a way that no other UK supplier can.

Corporate Livewire Winner Logo 2019Customers benefit from this by obtaining better prices and improved lead times when materials are in tight supply. Hardie Polymers are the only thermoplastics distributor to offer materials from all the major manufacturers.

The Corporate LiveWire judging panel commended Hardie Polymers for their initiative to open up the injection moulding market by offering an improved, more personal service, with the scope for more competitive pricing. This boosted profitability amongst UK injection moulders by providing market competition that was previously missing.


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