Hydracare – Protecting Your Investment and Maintaining Production

Hydracare, the trusted choice for oil services to the plastics moulding industry, is working with selected partners to ensure safe working for staff, and to keep manufacturing processes running smoothly.

Hydracare continues to grow its customer base across the UK, as the industry realises the need for a responsible, reliable and experienced oil service provider. By offering a complete range of products and services designed to keep machines running safely and reliably, Hydracare can ensure minimum downtime and maximum safety.  Products include spill kit solutions, oils, lubricants and greases and oil storage & delivery solutions, supported by cleaning, monitoring, oil changes and replacement.

One particular service is designed to keep employees safe from exposure to oil mist and contamination. The enhanced metalworking fluid monitoring service includes routine condition monitoring, fluid management, bacterial analysis, machine cleaning and recharges, plus technical support, free advice and guidance to keep the workforce safe and compliant with HSE guidelines.

Max Ainley, company director, commented, “Our core business continues to focus on working with manufacturers to ensure processes keep running smoothly, and the investment in capital equipment is protected.  With products and services that are second to none, we can deliver the quality that our customers expect.

Hydracare is a leading expert in the field of oil supply and services to UK manufacturers. With a team of experienced engineers based around the country, the company provides a fast, responsive service combined with technical knowledge and skills to customers across the UK and Ireland.

For more information, visit www.hydracare.co.uk or call 03332 413121.


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