IMCD & Röhm’s CYROLITE® Range Top Choice for Medical Device Manufacture

In order to keep up with customer demand and production needs, global producers of single-use medical devices have been selecting Röhm’s CYROLITE® G-20 HIFLO acrylic-based copolymer, supplied by IMCD, to manufacture their own specialised medical devices.

CYROLITE® products are the world’s most advanced medical acrylics. The medical copolymer offers a balance of physical properties and chemical resistance, excellent processability, and flow characteristics paramount for extremely thin-walled applications and complex multi-cavity moulds. CYROLITE® can also be bonded to PVC tubing and sterilised by E-beam, EtO gas and gamma irradiation.

Medical device manufacturers can accelerate and keep up with high levels of demand because of CYROLITE® G-20 HIFLO’s ability to lower the time and cost of production by reducing required mould temperatures and allowing faster cycle times. The efficiency in the production process, coupled with proven performance capabilities, made this a win-win across the board for all medical device producers.

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