IMCD UK Launches New Medical Portfolio

Specialist medical polymer supplier, IMCD UK, has just launched a new medical portfolio which includes world-class polymers such as Topas for syringes, plus exciting new additions from Eastman and Rohm.

IMCD became the distributor for Eastman’s speciality plastics range on 1st August 2020. Eastman’s proven portfolio of Copolyesters offers superior clarity and strong resistance to chemicals such as IPA and lipids. They are produced without any Bisphenol A, BPS or plasticisers, and have excellent puncture and impact toughness, making them ideal for use in cannulae, capillary tubes and connectors.  These solutions, coupled with Eastman’s advanced recycling technologies, help address technical, regulatory, and growing sustainability challenges faced by many industries.

Rohm is a global leader in medical-grade acrylics. The Cryolite® range offers excellent chemical resistance, good resistance to EtO, gamma and E-beam sterilisation and effective light transmission.  The products also bond easily to PVC tubing and are perfect for use in applications such as IV accessories, blood management, diagnostic cuvettes, test packs and trays. Rohm is proud to say they have never discontinued a Cryolite grade for use in the medical device or diagnostic industry since developing the material 40 years ago.

Click here to view the full range of products on offer in IMCD UK’s new medical brochure.

If you’d like more information about IMCD’s medical polymers, contact Andy Partridge, Market Manager – Advanced Materials, directly on 07584 675703.

+44 208 770 7090

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