Imerys One-Stop-Shop at K 2019

At K 2019, Imerys (Hall 8A, stand F40), will be showcasing its one-stop-shop offer to make everyday plastics stronger, lighter, more sustainable and cost-effective.

Imerys is strengthening its position as the world’s leading supplier of speciality minerals, with best-in-class operations, delivering commercial excellence and market-driven innovation. Bolstered by a new organisation structured around our core markets, mining resources, high-quality industrial assets, unrivalled technological and industrial processes, innovative solutions and leading positions in most of our markets, we have many strengths to guarantee sustained value creation for our key stakeholders.

HAR ® talcs for automotive lightweighting

HAR ® significantly enhances the performance of thermoplastic olefin and polypropylene compounds where it increases stiffness, maintains provide impact resistance and lowers coefficient of linear thermal expansion (CLTE), allowing designers to achieve zero-gap tolerancing. This unique combination reduces wall thickness and weight with a corresponding improvement in fuel economy.

ImerLink™ for recycled plastics to behave like virgin resin

ImerLink™ allows manufacturers to move from expensive, highly sorted recycled polymers to a more cost-effective solution which utilises the mixed waste fraction, extending the number of useful sources of recycled plastics and boosting recycling rates.

ENSACO ® conductive carbon blacks for high conductivity at low loadings

ENSACO ® is characterised by high structure and very high purity while meeting the most stringent requirements for easy dispersion in polymeric matrices. They are mainly used as conductive additives for making insulating polymers permanently conductive at low loadings.

TIMREX ® graphites for self-lubrication, thermal conductivity and electrical conductivity

TIMREX ® graphites are a diverse range of carbons, from high-purity synthetic graphite with customisable particle sizes and morphologies, to naturally occurring graphite. Main applications for graphites in polymers are linked to their thermal, self-lubricating, electrical conductivity benefits.

InFusion ® for maximum loading in PVC applications

Combining expertise in minerals and in-depth market knowledge, Imerys has developed InFusion®, engineered to provide optimal cost benefits for PVC applications while maintaining mechanical and optical properties.

FilmLink™& FiberLink™ for best in class technical films

Imerys offers best in class calcium carbonate products for technical films such as BOPP, breathable films, hygiene films, and nonwovens. Our unique technology and expertise provides customers with faster throughput, reduced rejection rates and the ability to downgauge with strength.

ImerSorb ® for odor and VOC emission reduction

ImerSorb ® highly absorbent mineral range locks in volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and inhibits odours in plastics and elastomers, making interior air cleaner and fresher. ImerSorb ® has been designed to help meet recent legislation which imposes limits on the concentration of certain solvents.

Nyglos ® wollastonite for improved thermo-mechanical properties and glass fibre (GF) replacement in polyamide formulations

The Imerys wollastonite portfolio includes high aspect ratio products that confer improved thermo-mechanical properties to plastics, especially polyamides. Due to their specific morphology,  specially designed surface treatment, high aspect ratio wollastonite grades can replace milled glass fibres and extend short glass fibres (SGF), enabling compounders to obtain higher stiffness / HDT performance and satisfactory impact resistance levels.

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