Mastip Improves Durability & Lifetime Value of its Hot Runner Systems

Global hot runner company Mastip recently launched several solutions to improve the durability and lifetime value of its hot runner systems, especially when processing applications with abrasive polymers.

The lifetime value of a hot runner solution cannot simply be defined by the initial system purchase; it also includes the ongoing costs associated with servicing, maintaining, and replacing consumable items like heaters, tips and nuts.

Mastip has experienced a steady rise in applications, including engineering polymers with corrosive additives or abrasive fillers as many industries seek alternatives to traditional materials like wood or steel.

Corrosive additives and biopolymers can cause corrosion in hot runner systems and in order to process these polymers efficiently, Mastip has launched a range of high chrome, stainless steel solutions. These include the recently released YV Valve Gate tipless nuts, nozzle assemblies in the MX, BX and SX ranges and full stainless steel systems when required.

Abrasive fillers, like glass fibre, can also wear tips rapidly as hard and stiff glass fibres rub aggressively against the surface. Premature wear not only compromises part quality but can also significantly shorten the lifetime of consumables leading to unnecessary downtime and maintenance.

To respond to this common problem, Mastip developed the G5 tip range to process abrasive polymers with frequent applications, including glass fibre rates between 50%-65%. G5 Tips are complimented by H5 bush nuts offering longevity due to their high hardness and abrasion-resistant steel. Mastip also recently launched a Guided Valve Gate version (GVG5) of the Carbide Tip that delivers precise valve pin alignment for cylindrical gates to improve the gate life.

Over the last 30 years, Mastip has extensive experience designing systems for demanding applications where abrasive polymers are frequently used. This has given Mastip the confidence to offer an industry-leading 5-year warranty on its Premium G5 Carbide tip range. This extensive warranty will cover abrasion and corrosion typically seen when processing engineering polymers.

Taking advantage of new technology to continuously evolve its solutions reinforces Mastip’s commitment to providing quality, durable solutions with long lifetime value that keeps its customers in production longer while reducing unnecessary servicing and maintenance.


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