Ioniser-Pro Join GSM Valtech at Southern Manufacturing

Ioniser-Pro, and Iona the Ion of course, will be joining their sister company, GSM Valtech, exhibiting at Southern Manufacturing 6th-8th February at Farnborough International.

If you are visiting, pop by to see them on stand P130 where, as well as promoting their ever-growing static elimination products range, they will be showcasing GSM’s fabulous sheet metal work and bespoke enclosures.

Ioniser-Pro is a brand name of GSM Valtech Industries Ltd who are a part of the GSM Group of companies.

Static elimination

After 40 years of manufacturing parts, they decided to invest in developing their own complete product line. Designed by their in-house engineers and manufactured in their West Yorkshire factory, the Ioniser-Pro is the first in a line of products to be released in 2017 that now include:

Ioniser-Pro 320

With all of the power of the 600/1200 the Ioniser-Pro 320 can be used fixed to smaller machines or production lines but can also be used as a handheld device by adding our handle to the bar which gives you even more flexibility for those hard to reach and restricted areas.

The Ioniser-Pro 600/1200

One of the safest to use static elimination bar on the market, the Ioniser-Pro 600/1200 is a DC unit designed within a compact and easily mountable package. This enables the easy incorporation of the unit into packaging, printing, bagging machinery and working areas.

Ioniser-Pro BlowIoniser-Pro Blow & Ioniser-Pro Blow F

These DC ionising blower units are two speed, twin fan units designed for the fast flooding of your work are with static eliminating ions.  They eliminate static by blowing charged air over specially designed DC static elimination bars using two high powered fans, neutralising the air as it passes through the unit. The Ioniser-Pro Blow is supplied as standard with a high (Turbo Boost) function for the fast flooding of static eliminating ions. When switched on, the turbo boost function will allow static elimination in large work areas. It also allows quick elimination in small areas and helps manage static control in high air flow work areas.

Ioniser-Pro Static Elimination Curtain

The Ioniser-Pro Static Elimination Curtain is designed to be mounted in-line with your process, screwed to a metal part of your machine and positioned in such a way as the special strips brush gently against the product passing through. This will effectively earth the product, taking any static charge to ground.  This is particularly suited to use within plastic product and bottling lines etc.

For more information on the Ioniser-Pro range of products and what they could do for your business, contact Melissa Tasker on 01937 586987 or

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+44(0)1937 586987

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