IPL’s Bread Trays Feature in the Queen’s Speech

Aired on the 5th April, the Queen’s speech served to highlight the importance of the NHS and many other service providers and UK manufacturers that help to keep valuable supply chains moving.

The video footage included scenes of vital food supplies being packaged for distribution, including loaves of bread being loaded into plastic trays manufactured at IPL’s Tamworth site.

The site’s General Manager, Ashley Jones, commented: “The Tamworth site has always manufactured high volumes of Returnable Transport Packaging, but increased customer demand and output at food producers has necessitated the need for many more units to be in general circulation.

“Our team have risen to the challenge, ensuring that production machines run at maximum efficiency and that we communicate continually with our customers, making sure vital supplies can be safely and efficiently shipped to the supermarkets.

“IPL, like many other businesses in the UK, is at the forefront of the national effort to keep our population fed. It was inspiring to see our work being recognised by the Queen; our workforce should be extremely proud of the contribution they are making.”

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