Kistler at K 2019: Pioneering Solutions for Process Monitoring

Kistler will be present at K Show 2019, where their measurement technology experts will be showing how artificial intelligence will smooth the path to the smart factories of the future.

Kistler will be present at the K 2019 – the world’s largest trade fair for the plastics processing industry – from 16 to 23 October in Düsseldorf. The company’s measurement technology experts will welcome visitors to stand G81 in hall 10, where they can learn how artificial intelligence will smooth the path to the smart factories of the future. The Swiss solution provider will showcase innovative, professional solutions and products for the entire measuring chain, from sensors through to software.

Smart production, networking and data consistency

ComoNeoPREDICT from Kistler adds artificial intelligence to the injection moulding process. The quality model generated by intelligent software is based on neural networks. This is the starting-point for extremely accurate and efficient injection moulding processes that must meet the very high standards required in the automotive and Medtech sectors. Maximum quality can a thanks to this method of calculating the properties of manufactured parts in advance.

Kistler also focuses on end-to-end networking of systems to ensure suitably high levels of data availability. Quality-related process data is made available via OPC UA on a platform-independent basis so that – for example – long-duration analyses can be undertaken and the causes of faults can be identified. A virtual production network will visualise live data from partner companies that operate ComoNeo and are using it for their exhibits at the K 2019 fair.

Optimising: the launch-pad for your smart production

ComoNeo from Kistler is the leading system for process monitoring and control in the injection moulding sector. It is the core module in the digital value chain, both at horizontal process level on the shop floor and at vertical level for overarching systems. At process level, ComoNeo offers features such as process monitoring based on cavity pressure for conventional and multi-component injection moulding (ComoNeoMERGE). The system also enables automated switchover of the injection moulding machine based on cavity pressure (ComoNeoSWITCH) as well as balancing of hot runner control systems (ComoNeoMULTIFLOW). All quality-related process data generated with ComoNeo can be transmitted to higher-level systems such as MES or ERP. All of these advantages make ComoNeo the launch-pad for your smart production.

Cavity pressure measurement to meet the most demanding requirements

Kistler’s stand at the fair will include the Innovation Walk, where customers and visitors can experience how cavity pressure measurement is already helping injection moulders today – with some glimpses of where the future will take us. The measurement technology value chain begins with the sensor and its centrepiece, the piezoelectric crystal. Learn about the structure of a cavity pressure sensor, and understand the basis for the piezoelectric effect – and how it is utilised. And discover the answer to an important question: why does Kistler grow its own highly specialised crystals?

Cavity pressure sensor technology is fundamentally important for smart plastics processing because it supplies data about the process parameters that are critical for improving part quality. At Kistler’s stand, visitors can see how cavity pressure is measured both directly and indirectly – or even contact-free, thanks to the ultra-compact 9239A measuring pin. This product was developed for parts that have to meet the highest standards of surface quality. Another demonstration will showcase Kistler’s portfolio of sensors for combined pressure and temperature measurement.

9239A Sensor
The new, ultra-compact 9239A sensor from Kistler allows contact-free measurement of cavity pressure during the injection moulding process – developed to meet the highest surface quality standards.

High-efficiency injection moulding with ComoNeo: from reproducibility to prediction

ComoNeo from Kistler, the leading process monitoring system, analyses the measurement data generated by the sensors. The system’s seven modular functions give users transparent guidance on optimizing their injection moulding production lines:

  • ComoNeoGUARD helps users to define monitoring windows that allow even more reliable assessment of bad parts.
  • ComoNeoMERGE ensures control of the more complex processing requirements when as many as four components with different mould technologies are in use.
  • ComoNeoMULTIFLOW allows hot runner balancing through individual control of the nozzle temperature for moulds with multiple cavities.
  • ComoNeoSWITCH ensures automated switchover from the injection phase to the holding pressure phase at the ideal time.
  • ComoNeoCOMPOSITE optimises the processing of long-fibre composites in the RTM process – assisted by special RTM sensors from Kistler.
  • ComoNeoRECOVER makes it possible to reproduce a proven injection moulding process on a different machine – with step-by-step support from the integrated Assistant.
  • ComoNeoPREDICT allows model-based prediction of the desired part quality based on the cavity pressure and temperature profiles.

Kistler’s experts will be glad to show you how ComoNeo works in practice. They will demonstrate how the system can be set up and used in line with each customer’s requirements – to enhance product quality, prevent scrap and boost overall plant efficiency.

ComoNeoPREDICT gives users model-based predictions of specified part quality that are quickly perfected thanks to machine learning.

Come and meet Kistler at the K 2019 – on stand G81 in hall 10!

Our experts are looking forward to welcoming you to Düsseldorf from 16 to 23 October. Get to know our solutions for plastics processors. Learn how Kistler creates added value for its customers throughout the entire measuring chain.


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