Kongskilde Launches the Component Pick-Up Unit

Say goodbye to space-consuming, maintenance-heavy and operator-required mechanical conveying systems. Kongskilde’s component pick-up and loading solution is designed to automate bulk component conveying to and from your warehouse, packing and production areas.

Kongskilde Industries is a global manufacturer of pneumatic solutions for conveying for the paper, packaging, recycling and plastic industries. With over 70 years of experience and offices in nine countries around the world, its mission is to provide the most efficient pneumatic solutions for material handling systems.

The new Component Pick-Up Unit (CPU) helps automate the internal flow of finished products by conveying plastic components, such as caps for milk, water, soft and sports drinks, and other similar products. The CPU system is specially developed to gently pick up small plastic components by sucking them through a pipe/hose system. The configured pipe system consists of steel pipes and flexible hoses. Plus, the pneumatic conveying solution is efficient, easy to install, and fits anywhere.

Kongskilde: Man Using the New CPU

The new pick-up unit completes the product range we have for conveying of finished components,” R&D Manager Steen Hansen explains. “The system gently picks up components in bulk from the warehouse and conveys them to your production or packaging area. It is all up to you! You decide how many components to release per batchand how many batches per hour.”

Kongskilde: Steen Hansen
Steen Hansen

The system utilises the frequency-controlled blower, the MultiAir® FC, coupled with a component vacuum loader named CVL for material collection, separation, and discharge. Manufacturers can now move their finished products in specified batches to descramblers, gaylords, boxes, silos, etc., with a high degree of both speed and reliability.

Watch the video below to see the Component Pick-Up Unit in action.

To learn more and sign up for a demo, visit kongskilde-industries.com.

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