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S&T Electronics and Payment Systems GmbH mark plastic casings for electronic assemblies, among other things, for long-lasting traceability in the aviation industry. Since the end of 2016, the company has used a Trotec SpeedMarker 300 marking laser for part marking.

Upper Austrian companies rely on local laser technology

S&T EPS are a company from Upper Austria who offer technical development and production, as well as assembly such as tool building in the field of industrial electronics. The range of services also includes innovative products in the field of banking automation & medical technology. One current project involves the production of complete electronic assemblies for the aviation industry. S&T EPS develops components for another Upper Austrian company, which specialises in the field of powersports engines for motorised recreational vehicles. All individual components, such as the PCBs and other electronic parts, must be marked for long-term tracing. S&T EPS manufactures these electronic assemblies and marks them using a Trotec SpeedMarker 300 fiber laser machine.

The marking process using the Trotec SpeedMarker marking laser at S&T EPS

The fiber laser is specifically used to mark plastic casings made from polyester PET with a serial number as well as a 2D data matrix code. The consecutive serial number is generated directly in SpeedMark laser software. With the help of a separate mounting template, 6 casings are laser-marked with data per laser processing at S&T. These are later found on various electronic assemblies in aircraft engines.

Permanent laser marking guarantees traceability through

In many industrial sectors, including the electronics industry, mechanical engineering and medical technology, identification marking of the components used is required by law. Serial numbers or data matrix codes can be precisely and permanently applied to components using laser marking. Even the smallest components, as well as details in areas that are very difficult to reach, can be marked using our Galvo laser systems. Find out more about laser marking serial numbers.

Very good support from Trotec,” Mr. Christian Brückler from S&T EPS confirms: “Trotec was the best choice for us, not just because of the proximity of Trotec’s location to our company, but primarily because of the good support!

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