Trotec Case Study: Laser Marking Plastic Pallets

AVK Plastics enlisted the help of Trotec Laser in a bid to move away from using stickers to mark plastic pallets with important contact information. Investment in five laser machines from Trotec enabled AVK to improve quality and lower costs.

The company: AVK Plastics

AVK Plastics are located in Bal (the Netherlands) and are part of the international operating AVK Group. This Danish multinational is active in more than 80 countries. AVK Plastics are the experts in the field of high-quality plastics within the AVK Group. Producing plastic street pots and accessories for the access and operation of underground appendages. In addition to this, the production of plastic pallets is very important for AVK plastics.

Thousands of kilos of plastics are processed into pallets every day alongside street pots and accessories through an automatic injection moulding process. The pallets are produced in a sustainable way from recycled high-density polyethylene (HDPE). Many of the pallets produced are European OneWay System (EOS) pallets, which are used for export. A growing part of the production of pallets is the marking of a client-specific logo and contact data. This is achieved using five Trotec laser marking machines.

The challenge facing AVK

Peter de Greef, Project Leader at AVK Plastics, said:

We chose laser machines because they are a one-time investment. In the past, we used stickers, but the costs for materials are recurring and the chance of malfunction was higher. The lasers are currently only used for laser marking the pallets, but we would like to expand that to other products.”

The Trotec solution

Commenting on the service received from Trotec, Peter de Greef said:

We’ve chosen Trotec because we wanted a quality product as well as know-how. We made a comparison between several laser producers, but the quality of the Trotec marking was the best one.

“We had a very pleasant cooperation with Trotec. They not only delivered the laser systems, but they also helped thinking for an ultimate set-up. In the end, we took care of the integration process. This took some time, but we’re very happy with the result.”

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