Lenzkes Clamps Reduces Tool Change Times By Over 50%

Rocket Medical is a UK based, award winning designer and manufacturer of single use medical devices. They were looking to improve productivity by reducing tool change times.

Moulding Department Section Head, Darren Johnston says, “When we first started looking at improving the efficiency of our moulding department one of the key areas we looked at was reducing the time it takes to change mould tools, we increasingly do short runs and change tools on our machines over 2000 times a year”.

“I invited a number of companies to come in and look at how we could reduce tool change times whilst taking into consideration our need to be able to move mould tools from machine to machine”.

“Derek Gulbrandsen, the MD from Lenzkes came to see me and after studying the range of different tool sizes and our machine platens came up with a solution that allows us to clamp every mould tool once fitted to the machine platens”.

“This has reduced the clamping element of tool changes by over 50% and means the clamps will pay for themselves in under 12 months. In addition to the time saving benefits we have found the clamps to be safer, more setter friendly and easy to use”.

“Our experience of Derek and Lenzkes has been excellent and I have every intention of equipping future new machinery with more of their products”.

This installation involved the new long reach Multi Quick version 106 clamp which is made of high quality forged steel 42Cr Mo4 and comes with a ten-year guarantee.

These clamps are ideal for tapped hole machine platens where horizontal reach is vital in order to clamp varying sizes of mould tools without the need to remove and re position the clamp every tool change.

They have a clamping force of up to 6 ton per unit, nearly double that of similar products on the market.

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