LPC Components Play Vital Part in New £10 Note

With the new £10 note coming into circulation, LPC Components are proud to say they were a vital part of its production (and its predecessor, the £5 note).  A five-figure deal secured the future production of the latest bank note to be released by the Bank of England.

So how did LPC Components contribute? They were called upon (literally!) for their thermodynamic expertise, to manufacture specialised heaters that form part of the production line, which were vital for the creation of the polymer notes.

What’s so special about the new £10 note? Well, firstly Jane Austen will be the new face, she is the first female author to appear on English currency, and its release marks the 200th anniversary of her death.   The note is also designed to help blind or partially sighted people with raised dots in the top left hand corner. It is cleaner, safer and stronger than paper notes and provides enhanced counterfeit resilience with the numerous security features in place.  Go to www.thenewten.co.uk to learn more the note and Jane’s legacy.

Since 1928, LPC Components have been working with their customers to provide bespoke engineering solutions to their requirements.  They are the largest manufacturer of industrial heating elements for the plastic & process industry in England.  Experts in thermodynamics, they design and manufacture everything from band heaters and cartridge heaters to complex air and circulations devices. 

With offices in the North and South, LPC Components have UK-wide coverage.  Their engineers are always on hand to conduct site surveys and give technical advice. Their products are designed and manufactured in the UK and they see themselves as doing their bit for the great revival of UK manufacturing.  With many years of experience, their reputation has spread far and wide and they now ship products worldwide on a daily basis with a network of local agents available to discuss your requirements, wherever you are.

Check out their website for more information.

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