Material Handling Meets Circular Economy

Motan is focusing on two topics while at K‘2019: Along with the new products SPECTROPLUS, METROFLOW, LUXOR CA A and the new material loader range METRO SG, Motan is also addressing the core topic of this year’s K-Show – circular economy.

SPECTROPLUS- One dosing system for all applications in extrusion and compounding
The new synchronous dosing and mixing unit SPECTROPLUS was developed for extrusion and compounding and will replace the previous GRAVIPLUS range. With their modular design it is suitable for a large range of different materials – from powders, granulates and regrinds to liquids and flakes. Additionally, the synchronous dosing unit can be augmented with the SPECTROFLEX dosing modules, which are also available as gravimetric or volumetric versions.

The SPECTROPLUS is controlled with the brand new SPECTROnet control, which can control both the volumetric and gravimetric SPECTROPLUS dosing modules as well as external dosing units.


METROFLOW – gravimetric vacuum conveying for precise material throughput control
These gravimetric material loaders are used in pneumatic conveying systems, for example to convey material from a silo to a drying bin or to the procesing machine. With their extremely precise weighing technology, the METROFLOW loaders are particularly suited for monitoring material consumption in real time, which means that the units are predestined for use in an Industry 4.0 environment.


LUXOR CA A – compressed air dryer for small to medium throughputs
The new compressed air dryer LUXOR CA A with optimized control and integrated ETAplus® technology is designed for small to medium material throughputs. The dryer operates in a temperature range from 30 to 180°C. It can be installed directly on top of the processing machine or on a mobile frame. The dryer is available in four sizes with bin volumes of 8, 15, 30 and 60 litres respectively.

motan METRO
METRO Material Loaders

METRO material loader range – with add-ons for large throughputs, flakes and regrind
Motan has extensively reworked and expanded the METRO range of system individual material loaders. The new material loaders METRO G (Granulate) for large material throughputs is now available in three sizes with 60, 100 and 150 litre capacities respectively.

The METRO R (regrind) is specifically designed for processing regrind, and is also available in the three sizes 60, 100 and 150 litres. The METRO F (Flakes) loaders units are designed for processing flakes and are also available in the same three sizes. As a non-free-flowing material, flakes are prone to bridge-building. This is why these material loaders are equipped with an extra large outlet flap. With the METRO SG material loaders, Motan offers an affordable range in the usual Motan quality for standard applications that is quick and easy to install. The new METROVAC SG conveying station with conveying control, blower and central dust filter, which can supply up to eight material loaders and four purging valves, is compatible.

The new conveying control METROnet SG provides the matching control, from which eight material loaders and one stand-by blower can be managed via ist color touchscreen display.

As part of the central K’topic “circular economy”, Motan is additionally involved in the presentation of a closed material and processing cycle at the KrausMaffei stand (Hall 15, Stand C24) with a drying system incorporating energy saving technology and a new residual moisture sensor, with material loaders, and with a GRAVICOLOR 30 gravimetric dosing and mixing unit. All components within this production cell, including the ancillary equipment provided by Motan, are connected via the interface standard OPC-UA with a central data collection point.

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