Material Supply Update from Polydist

Polydist’s CEO and sales teams have been making a conscious effort to stay in touch and updated with their suppliers over the past few weeks, to ensure they have plenty of materials to keep their customers supplied during this difficult time.

Polydist’s Head of PR & Marketing, Alexandra Warner, commented:

“Of course, there are worries in the industry regarding continued supply with regards to warehouse closures and logistics, however we have tried to plan as far ahead as possible to ensure we are holding stock in our UK warehouses to meet our customers’ needs.

“We have also been making an effort to purchase and warehouse specialist materials to support UK customers. Our key aim is to support the UK plastics industry as a whole, best we possibly can.”

Polydist is finding that most of its customers are still up and running, unless they have found signs of the virus in their factories. Luckily, this has been very few and far between. Manufacturers are taking extreme measures to ensure the safety of their teams by implementing measures such as rotating staff and using PPE.

Polydist’s current available stock includes:

Polydist stock

For more information, please contact Polydist using the below details.

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