MBA Polymers UK Support Local Recycling Champion

MBA Polymers UK were delighted to accept a donation of over 3,000 bottle tops collected personally by Georgina Dobbs, who lives locally to their state of the art recycling plant in Worksop. 

Georgina visited MBA’s plant in Worksop to understand the process that her bottle tops would follow to enable them to be compounded into a polymer, ready to make something new.

Bottle tops are predominantly made from Polypropylene (PP), and once this material has been reprocessed and compounded it tends to get reused into applications such as parts for new vehicles, paint cans, tote boxes, key kegs, wheelbarrow wheels, drainage products and pallets.

As more and more households and businesses are going green, we must take the time to continue to teach the next generation how to recycle and why it is important. From recycling old items such as bottle tops and aluminium cans, children can make an impact that will only increase as they get older. Georgina is keen to help MBA promote recycling in the local area and within the local schools to encouraging others to follow in her example and divert even more waste from going to landfill.

Darren Glew, Operations Manager, MBA Polymers UK, said “We are incredibly proud to support Georgina in her drive to help protect the planet and manage plastic pollution in the local environment. It’s encouraging for our business to have young people like Georgina interested in how we develop waste plastic into polymers and to have the opportunity to show her around our plant. We employ over 100 people within the Worksop region, and we see Georgina and other like-minded young people as future MBA employees and ambassadors. We’re working with the local council and education facilities to build on the relationship Georgina has started with MBA to offer educational talks within schools and visits to our plant to encourage more Green thinking and action in the community.

Georgina Dobbs said “Thank you for having us at your plant, it was such an eye-opener to the things that we need and should be doing to help our planet. I believe that everyone should be involved as it is such and important matter and I am definitely on board with getting schools recycling all of their waste. It would be fantastic if you could open a drop-off point for the public so they can provide you with their waste like the bottle tops because nobody knows what to do with them. I believe that it’s such an incredible experience visiting your recycling factory and everyone should witness it for themselves if they can. I hope in the future schools and businesses are willing and allowed to collect and drop off plastics to you. I’ve recycled 7940 bottle tops in 6 months since I started collecting them, but I need more help as not one person can do it alone.

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