Melba Swintex Introduce the All New HOG600

A sturdy and long-lasting Water Separator which is quick and simple to install, as well as having the capacity to hold over 55 litres of water.

The HOG600 has been designed to be completely anti-trip. By implementing a hook & eye system, each barrier can connect to the corresponding Separator with ample movement to create different angles.

Each Separator can increase its height with the addition of a Fence type barrier.

No corner buffers or additional equipment is required for tight corners or bends. The HOG600 has the angular freedom of over 235°. Six will make a mini roundabout.

Each half of the HOG600 is separately filled from one another using water by utilising the entry points in each of the top corners.

A maximum level line is indicated on each side of the barrier. When a light source is placed on the inside wall, the water level becomes visible.

Features Include:

  • Designed to be secure and completely anti-trip.
  • Hook and eye connection for quick and simple deployment.
  • Capacity to hold 55 litres.
  • Stable & Secure stacking.
  • Angular freedom of over 235°.
  • Fork lift entry for ease of movement.
  • Can be emptied from the top.
  • Compatible with other Water Filled systems.
  • Facility for a top panel Fence.
  • Can be embossed with corporate logo.
  • Manufactured from HDPE.
  • 100% recyclable.

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