Melba Swintex Launch the Buddha Barrier

The Buddha Barrier is a uniquely designed, completely anti-trip Water Filled Separator.

At 800 mm in height, it creates a safer environment for pedestrians over traditional Water Filled Separators, as well as this, the Buddha Barrier can be fitted with a metal fence panel that creates a barrier over 1.8 m in height.

Features include:

  –  Can be used either way due to Dual Reflective.
–  Stable & Secure stacking.
–  Completely Anti-Trip.
–  Connect to one another using the S-Clip.
–  Concave area can be used for spoil placement.
–  Two can be faced together over exposed holes & damaged manhole covers.
–  Capacity to hold 22 litres bringing the complete weight to 27.2 kg.
–  Large Corporate Branding area of 300 x 170 mm.
–  Compatible with the Melba Swintex Barrier range.
–  Automatic overflow indication prevents overfilling.
–  Manufactured from HDPE & 100% recyclable.
–  Can be positioned at a connection of over 270°.
–  Hole & Bung can be supplied if required for drainage.
–  Fork lift entry.
–  Patented Product.

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