New Investments for ND Precision Products

This year ND Precision has made several new investments to improve and expand their???? capabilities.

In January ND Precision Products bought a new Hurco VM20i. This has a machining capability of up to 1 metre, with a 5-axis simultaneous Kitagawa unit. In buying this machine, they are increasing their milling capability by an extra 200mm and the opti????on to machine 5-axis parts.

In March they invested in the Vero PartXplore 3D viewing software to enable them to send customers a faster and more accurate quote.

UK plastics news Partxplore logoLastly, ND Precision Products have just had a new Gantry System installed this April, with the capability of managing holds up to 3.5 tonnes. This means that they will be able to take on larger tools with more ease.

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