Ultrapolymers Introduce New Specialty Grade for Healthcare Applications

High purity polymers for medical devices, laboratory and diagnostic equipment as well as pharmaceutical packaging are a key focus market for Ultrapolymers.

As a Pan-European polymer distributor, Ultrapolymers ensures its customers easy access to a wide variety of innovative materials and a wealth of application technology know-how tailored to the healthcare industry. Ultrapolymers is pleased to have extended its healthcare solution package to include new LyondellBasell Purell polyolefin resins, Ineos Styrolution styrenic solutions as well as MARFRAN.MED TPE compounds offering an enhanced balance of properties compared to many conventional material solutions and tapping new, cost-efficient applications.

Lyondellbasell’s new phthalate-free polyolefins Purell EP370S, Purell KT MR07 and Purell RP320M, Ineos Styrolution’s new Novodur HD M203FC G3, Styrolux 4G60 as well as K-Resin and Marfran’s new MARFRAN.MED GL and GLE ranges offer abundant potential in a variety of target applications.

  –  Purell EP370S is a nucleated polypropylene copolymer combining very good stiffness and low temperature impact resistance with good flow properties. It aims to close an existing gap within this material class, opening up new options for thin-walled medical equipment and lab ware as well as for dental applications;
  –  Purell KT MR07 is an innovative polyolefin based on Polybutene-1 (PB-1) which, when used as a modifier, enhances the softness, flexibility and elastic recovery of polypropylene. Moreover, it provides superior low-temperature impact strength and, in random copolymers, improved transparency. The material is suitable for a diverse range of conversion technologies, from extrusion and injection moulding over blow moulding and stretch blow moulding to film manufacturing;
  –  Purell RP320M is a soft PP random copolymer which exhibits high gloss and contains neither slip nor anti-blocking additives. Typical applications include caps and closures and hot-sealable film structures, e.g. for packaging of medical and laboratory equipment. Used in conjunction with Purell KT MR07 in the manufacture of flexible tubing, it provides a plasticiser-free alternative to PVC;
  –  Novodur HD M203FC G3 is a glass fiber filled ABS polymer grade which is certified against the relevant parts of the biocompatibility standard ISO 10993. This new grade delivers a significantly increased melt flow rate compared to commonly used materials combined with the required stiffness and has been designed to be used for IV transfer spikes;
  –  Styrolux 4G60 is the new generation SBC grade designed specifically for the development of drip chambers in IV sets. It excels in softness, elasticity and transparency and can be sterilized using all the common sterilization methods. Very good bonding properties make this new grade an excellent t for the production of drip chambers;
–  The K-Resin product portfolio includes a range of plasticizer free transparent SB-Block copolymers aimed at various healthcare applications including respiratory therapy, drainage units, medical devices, diagnostic devices and both rigid and flexible packaging. Key differentiators of these grades are transparency, impact, good bonding behaviour, soft haptics, blood compatibility and excellent colour retention after sterilisation;
  –  MED® GL and MARFRAN.MED® GLE are innovative, transparent TPE compounds aimed at applications such as IV tubing sets. Where traditional materials were not able to overcome the obstacle of solvent bonding, these compounds are solvent bondable with Cyclohexanone and THF to other substrates, including PC or ABS connectors. Both extrusion and injection moulding grades are available.

With these new products, Ultrapolymers further extends its existing range of material solutions for healthcare applications which is supported with a wealth of technical expertise to help you bring your products to the market faster and with more confidence.

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