Newly Promoted Operations Director at Hardie

Hardie Polymers is delighted to announce the promotion of Isy Ferguson to Operations Director. This move recognises over 25 years of service of one of the longest-serving employees of Hardie Polymers.

Managing Director Fergus Hardie paid tribute: “Isy has been fundamental to the development of our company over many years and thoroughly deserves this promotion. She is a loyal, reliable, hard-working supporter of our team and always leads from the front.

Isy initially joined Hardies as the bookkeeper and then progressed through the ranks, working in other departments including haulage, purchasing and supplier development in addition to sales. The knowledge from working in all the different areas combined with polymer training experience over the past 25 years meant Isy developed an in-depth understanding of the business and the polymer industry.

Isy commented on her decades-long polymer career, “The plastics industry, and Hardie Polymers, has changed dramatically since I joined. The history and contacts built up over time are invaluable. I’ve been very involved over the past few years with operational changes in the business, but sales is what I enjoy the most as it allows for more interaction with customers. I thrive on finding solutions to the diverse problems that our customers continue to challenge us with daily.”

Operations Director of a growing team

Isy is responsible for the smooth running of Hardies operations and leads an ever-expanding line up.  Significant customer growth over the past few years has meant the need for additional staff to maintain the high level of customer service and ensure that we continue to perform the most comprehensive search for the polymers requested.

So continuing with intrJack Hardie Polymersoducing our growing professional polymer team, we would like you to meet the latest new Sales Team member, Jack Ferguson.

Jack is Isy’ son and the third generation now of their family to work at Hardie Polymers as Isy’s mother Irene also did. Jack has worked part-time for the business for the past few years and is now a full-time member of the sales team.

As longstanding members of the British Plastics Federation, our reputation is second-to-none.

So we invite you to meet the rest of our professional polymer team. We’re ready to get great polymer deals for you.


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