Nuük Cooler Made with JSP ARPRO Material

Nuük Cooler Made with JSP ARPRO Material

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Nuük is a smart cooler designed to transport products or samples that are part of a highly regulated sector with demanding requirements. Central to its innovative design is JSP’s ARPRO material, which ensures outstanding thermal insulation and energy absorption.

Nuük guarantees real-time control of the interior temperature of the cooler. It offers total access control where only the initial user and the final recipient can access the contents in the cooler. Access control is provided via an RFID locking system.

The control and traceability of biological samples is a common problem in the hospital and pharmaceutical sectors. Around 50% of biological samples with incidents are due to failures in the logistics chain. Globally, this equates to 1.5 billion samples per year. The Nuük provides superior control over samples – an alert system is activated if the temperature is out of range, the cooler is opened or if an impact is sustained. This provides reassurance to clinical laboratories and hospitals, the main target sector for this application.

Together with the expertise of Inokor in Spain, a provider of multi-technology solutions in rigid foams, the Nuük became a reality.  Inokor ‘s professionals created a 3D model and tested the prototype against the quality and sustainability requirements.

The product needed to align with Groenlandia’s commitment to minimise the environmental impact and to reassure customers of the durability of the container. This means multiple uses and a lifespan of at least five years. It also needed to be ultra-light so that once fully loaded, it would not exceed safe lifting weights with the technology integrated into the box. The cooperation resulted in a novel solution which protects and insulates sensitive substances in transit.

“The alliance between Groenlandia Tech and Inokor was born from the common interest to provide innovative solutions for the transport of biological samples in the last mile, for the healthcare sector,” said Marc Real, CEO of Groenlandia Tech. “We are seeking to position the Nuük as the “Gold Standard” in smart transport.”

ARPRO EPP was selected as the material of choice for the container as it has a unique combination of properties including outstanding thermal insulation and energy absorption, both of which are vital for medical and pharma box applications. The Nuük smart cooler uses both ARPRO Grey and ARPRO 5133 RE with 30% recycled content from post-consumer EPP waste. ARPRO with 30% recycled content generates 16% less CO2 in the production process compared to ARPRO made from virgin material.

Groenlandia Tech solution is patented in 6 countries. The Hospital Central de La Defensa Gómez Ulla in Madrid, Spain is already using Nuuk; pilot tests are also being carried out at the Hospital de Bellvitge, Vall d’Hebrón in Barcelona, Hospital de Elche and others

The Nuük cooler has been designed and certified according to the UN-3373 regulation for transport of biological substances Category B.

Nuük is available to purchase outright or on a monthly subscription basis. Contact Groenlandiatech for more information.

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