Plastic Industry Supporting Anti-litter Campaign for Schools

The British Plastics Federation (BPF) and PlasticsEurope are working with the Marine Conservation Society (MCS) on a new project for schools called Cool Seas Investigators (CSI): Litter Challenge.

Schools across the UK have registered to take part in the project.

To help pupils understand the scope of the issue, schools are taking part in a litter survey in their local area as well as webinars that explore how litter can end up in the marine environment.

Helen Jordan, the BPF’s Sustainability Issues Executive, states:

We are proud to be involved in this project, which is an engaging way to bring pupils face to face with the issue of litter and understand how irresponsible behaviour can have a negative impact on the marine environment further down the line.

The schools’ students are currently working on their own litter campaigns. Each school will submit their campaign and a panel of judges will decide on the best. The winning schools – one for Key Stage 2 and one from Key Stage 3 – will win £250 to put towards a ‘green’ project.

PlasticsEurope Regional Director North Kim Christiansen adds:

As well as being a great way to educate students about the many problems litter causes, it also helps them understand the value of the materials in items like packaging and how they can — and should — be recycled.

The overall winner of CSI: Litter Challenge will have their idea upscaled into a UK litter campaign, which the MCS and the plastics industry will promote.

Jenny Griffiths from the MCS commented:

It’s a fantastic opportunity for schools to cover curriculum requirements and empower young people to really make a difference to the environment around them while improving the situation for marine wildlife. We’re really looking forward to seeing the campaigns they have created.

More information regarding Cool Seas Investigators: Litter Challenge can be found:

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