Plastics Live 2022 – Take the Wittmann Energy Challenge!

As 2022 reaches the half way point, energy costs and issues of energy usage have never been more important to the UK plastics sector. All the more reason therefore to visit Plastics Live, July 5-6 and take the Wittmann Energy challenge.

Wittmann Battenfeld UK is using the new Coventry-based exhibition to promote its ‘Take the Wittmann Energy Challenge’ initiative. The company is confident that its plastics processing equipment offers an immediate quantum level of energy savings to injection moulders – and is looking forward to meeting visitors and to putting these claims to the test.

Joint Managing Director Dan Williams says that ‘Wittmann UK has known for many years that our SmartPower and EcoPower equipment offer astoundingly low energy consumption: It’s partly the reason for repeat orders of these injection moulding machines.’ Dan adds ‘I guess it was only a matter of time before our best-kept secret had now become a full-fledged campaign across the Wittmann Group at global level.

In this instance, to measure is to manage, and Wittmann’s Imagoxt software is the tool that completes the job. Imagoxt basically allows the energy consumption of connected injection moulding machinery, devices and any consumption clusters in the production cell to be measured and displayed in a scalable manner. Imagoxt can also compute and compare energy consumption data between injection moulding machines of any kind.

The new Wittmann scheme therefore challenges injection moulders to find any other moulding machine that can outperform the company’s EcoPower or SmartPower for energy consumption. ‘If there’s another machine that runs on less power we’ll take our machine back – and at no cost,’ says Dan.

Wittmann UK Joint Managing Director Tracy Cadman says that ‘the main purpose of the energy challenge, of course, is simply to crystalise awareness of these increasingly important issues within the injection moulding community.’

Tracy adds that ‘over the past five years our SmartPower and EcoPower customers have reported typical energy cost savings to customers of between 40 and 400%. We suspect that the unreported figures make the average savings even higher. And given that the typical lifespan of a machine can run to 20-25 years – those savings can accumulate to something very substantial.’

Wittmann UK is looking forward to communicating its energy challenge at Plastics Live, Coventry Building Society Arena, Coventry, July 5-6, 2022.

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