It’s Heating Up for Renmar & AEC Mould Heaters

Renmar and their AEC mould heaters are continuing to enjoy success after a large install for a large automotive moulder at two of their manufacturing facilities.

Renmar have been supplying the automotive manufacturer with AEC ECU300 12kw mould heaters in small batches for the past couple of years and, after being so impressed with the performance of the units and accumulating more than 50 units on site, the customer has placed an order for a further 19 units for one site and 22 units at another. All units have now been delivered and installed.

Renmar Plastics Machinery are ancillary and size reduction specialists based in Northamptonshire and have a full range of ancillary equipment and machinery. Renmar have been working in partnership with AEC for nearly a decade supplying their temperature controllers to the UK and Ireland. The ECU is a reliable, compact, pressurised mould heater with unrivalled flow rates and are usually held in UK stock with 1HP pumps with 9kw heaters or 3HP with 12kw heaters – both capable of heating up to 120°C. However, if the stock units do not meet your criteria then Renmar can customise them to suit your specifications.

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